Recovery Programme

Underpinning our service at Gellinudd Recovery Centre is Hafal’s unique Recovery Programme which promotes self-management and a holistic approach to recovery.

Guests sign a therapeutic contract on admission to Gellinudd and then identify their recovery goals in a comprehensive Care and Treatment Plan which covers all of the life areas in the following diagram:

The Plan is written by the Guest, and it provides them with the tools they need to:

• be in control of their illness
• identify supporters and resources
• look at all areas of their life, take stock and set goals
• be positive, move forward, and achieve maximum recovery.

The plan is very simple to follow, yet it has proved very successful in helping people to achieve goals they previously thought impossible.

In the process, Guests are empowered to become independent and to overcome the “revolving door” syndrome (a cyclical pattern of short-term readmissions to psychiatric units).

To support progress, Hafal provides “step-up” accommodation and a number of community-based services so that Guests can move on stage-by-stage towards independent living. The recovery focus of our service ensures Guests move on from the service as soon as they are ready, and that they are equipped and supported to continue to work towards recovery.